29 July 2007

brooch is feicwa (revisited)

feicwa = brooch (Lhaesine pronunciation = FEE-kwa) (noun) (some things Google found for "feicwa": an unique term; no standard web pages containing "feicwa" were found)

My previous word for "brooch" was "feiqwa".

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "brooch" is now "feawa". This posting is no longer current.

25 July 2007

backward is icwara (revisited)

icwara = backward or behind (Lhaesine pronunciation = ih-KWAH-ruh) (adverb) (some things Google found for "icwara": a rare to very rare term; a last name that can be Indonesian)

My previous word for "backward" was "iqwara".

21 July 2007

shrine is nicwen (revisited)

nicwen = shrine (Lhaesine pronunciation = NIH-kwen) (noun) (some things Google found for "nicwen": a rare term; a user name used by people in Germany, China, and Malaysia; appears on numerous Chinese language web pages)

My previous word for "shrine" was "niqwen". This is another alteration due to my removal of the letter "Q". I like the look of this new word.

17 July 2007

scar is cware (revisited)

cware = scar (Lhaesine pronunciation = KWAYR) (noun) (some things Google found for "cware": an uncommon term; a user name; Cware for networked video management such as CCTV; cWare Custom Software Development Service; Cware is an integrated digital base-band physical layer and software GSM/GPRS solution; Cware Pantgwyn Quarry Ltd in Wales)

My previous word for "scar" was "qwire". I'm removing the "Q" plus changing a vowel.

15 July 2007

Lhaesine dictionary project progress

Currently there are approximately 425 words in Lhaesine. All of them are made-up words. And, yes, there is indeed a dictionary.

My Lhaesine dictionary is a work in progress. It contains some words I plan to revise. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some wrong pronunciations and some words that don't fit in the language, but I hope that I've fixed all my errors in alphabetization.

Over the next month or so, I'll be revisiting and revising various Lhaesine words. The changes will be mostly minor, small tweaks. I'll be removing use of the letter "Q", changing some vowels and diphthongs, and some other things. Probably won't be that many brand new words posted to this blog for a while, but hopefully I'll get this conlang closer to what I think I want.

13 July 2007

book is tocwa (revisited)

tocwa = book (Lhaesine pronunciation = TAW-kwuh) (noun) (some things Google found for "tocwa": a rare term; user name; FPV/TOCWA is a Ford car club where TOCWA stands for Tickford Owners Club of Western Australia; tocwa means "corn drink" in Wari' which is a rare language of Brazilian-Bolivian border region of the Amazon; first name of an African-American man)

My previous word for "book" was "toqwa". This is another change due to my removal of the letter "Q" from Lhaesine. I think this is an odd word, but I haven't decided to redo it.

09 July 2007

sword is acwin (revisited)

acwin = sword (Lhaesine pronunciation = AH-kwin) (noun) (some things Google found for "acwin": an uncommon to rare term; AC-Win MQ telephony or call center product; AcWin project of three-dimensional graphic work; user name; last name or perhaps a word which may be Indonesian; Saint Thomas Aquinas is called Sant Tomos o Acwin in Welsh; Acwin is a variant of Germanic name Agiwin)

My previous word for "sword" was "aqwin". The new word retains the same pronunciation, but with an altered spelling due to my removal from Lhaesine of the letter "Q".

05 July 2007

ring is noula (revisited)

noula = ring (Lhaesine pronunciation = NOO-luh) (noun) (some things Google found for "noula": an uncommon term; Noula Apartments and Noula Studios are places to holiday in Greece; The Noula Express was a steel ship sunk near Fort Lauderdale in an artificial reef program; user name; a feminine name which can be Hebrew or Greek; a masculine first name which can be Syrian or Haitian; a last name which is likely from Greece)

My previous word for "ring" was "nuila". This new word is pronounced the same as the old word, I'm just changing the spelling. The new "ou" vowel combination will be pronounced as "oo" in "moon". The old "ui" vowel combination will be changing to the "yoo" sound, like the "u" in "cute". Expect more word revisions due to this rule change of mine.

01 July 2007

squirrel is caxan

caxan = squirrel (Lhaesine pronunciation = KAHKS-ahn) (noun) (animal) (some things Google found for "caxan": an uncommon to rare term; a traditional nahuatl disease of Mexico affecting women after childbirth; similar word "kaxan" means "to look for something" in Mayan; may mean something in a dialect of Spanish spoken in Chile)