31 January 2007

table is madec (redone)

madec = table (Lhaesine pronunciation = MAH-dek) (noun) (some things Google found for "madec": an uncommon term; MADEC is a provider of employment, education and training services in Australia; MADEC is The Martial Arts Development Commission in the UK; Madec Computing Ltd is a software development company in Ireland; a last name, notably Rene-Marie Madec, a man who was a 18th century French adventurer in India; Madec Quarry in Brittany, France; user name)

My previous word for table was "nahar". I think that "madec" works better.

29 January 2007

hedge is fowan

fowan = hedge (Lhaesine pronunciation = FOH-wahn) (noun) (plants) (some things Google found for "fowan": an uncommon term; A dry, scorching wind of Great Britain and the Isle of Man; a last name which is possibly Irish; there are ancient stone Buddhist sculptures near the town of Fowan in China; a Theurgist gaming character on the Camelot Herald; means "blast, blight, dry period, scorch" in Manx)

27 January 2007

ivory is mogethe

mogethe = ivory (Lhaesine pronunciation = MAW-geeth) (noun, adjective) (some things Google found for "mogethe": a very rare term; name of a world of Warcraft warrior character and a user; a last name similar to Mokgethe which is a name from Botswana)

25 January 2007

barley is faenan

faenan = barley (Lhaesine pronunciation = FAW-nahn) (noun) (grain) (some things Google found for "faenan": an uncommon term; present indicative conjugations of Spanish verb "faenar" which means "to labor or toil", an overwhelming result; may mean something in Welsh, possibly a place name)

23 January 2007

stupid is tirach (revisited)

tirach = stupid (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIH-rahch) (adjective) (some things Google found for "tirach": an uncommon term; a last name that is likely Catalan in origin, notably a professor Pasqual Tirach; means something in Polish; mountain Tirach Mir (25,426 ft) in Hindu Kush; name of a barbarian ranger character in a Forgotten Realms campaign that died)

My previous word for "stupid" was "tirch". Lhaesine isn't using three consonant combinations such as "rch", so "tirch" was a bad word choice, a somewhat stupid choice actually. Apologies to anyone who is named Tirach, it's nothing personal.

21 January 2007

sister is pewan (revisited)

pewan = sister (Lhaesine pronunciation = PEH-wahn) (noun) (some things Google found for "pewan": an uncommon to rare term; user names; a feminine first name, notably choreographer Pewan Chow of Hong Kong; a last name; cleric character on The Camelot Herald; PEWAN stands for Property and Environment Writers Association of Nigeria; appears on a number of Vietnamese pages; Pewan Management BV in the Netherlands; apparently means something in Polish)

My previous word for "sister" was "pirlan". I wanted the word for "sister" to be more similar to the Lhaesine word for "brother", which is "liwin".

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "sister" is now "leaya". This posting is no longer current.

19 January 2007

rose is liala

liala = rose (Lhaesine pronunciation = LYAW-luh) (noun) (flower) (some things Google found for "liala": an uncommon term; Liala was the pseudonym of Amalia Liana Cambiasi Negretti Odescalchi (1897-1995) a female Italian writer; user name; Liala Eau de Parfum is an infusion of Norwegian mountain wildflowers and a touch of fruits; a feminine first name; name of a pair of faerie art characters; appears on some Russian webpages; a place in Mozambique)

17 January 2007

air is aya (revisited)

aya = air (Lhaesine pronunciation = AH-yuh) (noun) (some things Google found for "aya": a very common term; a Japanese feminine first name, notably actress Aya Ueto and J-pop artist Aya Matsuura; Aya is a Female musical artist with 2004 album titled Strange Flower; AYA stands for Association of Yale Alumni; AYA stands for Academic Year in America which is a foreign exchange student program; an artist of neo-mandalas; AYA is The International Grumman American Pilots Association; aya food bar in Ireland; means "verse (as in the Koran)" in Arabic; AyA Kitchens and Baths of Canada; AYA Educational Institute for children of African descent; Aya Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia; AYA stands for African Youth Alliance; AYA is Association for Young Astrologers; AYA stands for Asian Youth Ambassadors; Villa Aya luxury villas in Bali, Indonesia; Aya Sofia (also Haghia Sophia) is an ancient Byzantine landmark in Istanbul; AYA is a private ISP in Syria; means "finance, income" in Hindi (Transliterated); means "where, whether" in Kurdish (Transliterated); means "cadaver, corpse" in Quechua; means "governess" in Spanish; means "paragraph" in Swahili; means "ask someone to come" in Tagalog; means "palm" in Turkish; places in Mali, Chad, Central African Republic, Spain, Philippines, Pakistan, Cyprus, Russian Federation, Japan, and Turkey)

My previous word for "air" was "axa". I think "aya" is more gentle sounding, and hence is a better word choice.

15 January 2007

forest is lahris (revisited)

lahris = forest (Lhaesine pronunciation = LAH-hris) (noun) (some things Google found for "lahris": a rare term; a last name that may be German in origin; a first name that may be Norwegian; a character name in a German language short story; name of an undead warrior character in World of Warcraft)

Another small change. My previous word for "forest" was "laris".

13 January 2007

spider is tiche (revisited)

tiche = spider (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIGHCH) (noun) (some things Google found for "tiche": a common term; TIChe stands for The Thai Institute of Chemical engineering; Audun-le-Tiche is a village in the province of Lorraine in France; Tiche is an Italian Financial Advising company; TICHÌ is a brand of Lithuanian natural mineral water; Tiche Porcelain of Italy; song Tiche by Cesária Évora; Tiche Udoli Hotels and Guest Houses in Czech Republic; Tiche Cannel Coal Company in Pennsylvania; a last name; "tiché" means "quiet, silent" in Slovak; a place in Bulgaria)

This is a small change to alter the pronunciation. My previous word for "spider" was "teche", which I still think is a cool looking word. But I decided that I'd rather not have the word for "spiders" (plural) be pronounced the same as the English word "teacher". Someone may wrongly assume I'm criticizing the teaching profession.

11 January 2007

brown is gufan (revisited)

gufan = brown (Lhaesine pronunciation = guh-FAHN) (adjective) (some things Google found for "gufan": an uncommon term; user names; a last name that seems to be Chinese and Russian; Jewish objects that are "gufan kadosh" are inherently holy; means something in Icelandic; a place in Iran)

09 January 2007

iron is haen (redone)

haen = iron (Lhaesine pronunciation = HAWN) (noun) (some things Google found for "haen": a common term; a last name; last name "de Haen" is Dutch; "D'haen" can be a Belgian last name; user name; Haen Meat Packing Inc. and Haen Elementary of Kaukauna, Wisconsin; "haén" or "hæn" means something Vietnamese; "Haen Taek" is a place in Thailand; means "had" in Scottish; means "layer, seam, stratum" in Welsh; a place in Sweden)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "iron" is now "hiud". This posting is no longer current.

07 January 2007

ugly is yiihal

yiihal = ugly (Lhaesine pronunciation = YIY-hahl) (adjective) (some things Google found for "yiihal": a nearly unique term; only appears in the gobbledygook text of an index item for a Japanese, possibly software, file)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "ugly" is now "yirase". This posting is no longer current.

05 January 2007

star is liiha (revisited)

liiha = star (Lhaesine pronunciation = LIGH-huh) (noun) (some things Google found for "liiha": a rare term; user name; appears on several Finnish webpages; seems to mean something in Estonian; a fantasy world mentioned on a Magic the Gathering forum)

This word has been redone. The word for "star" is now "avel". This posting is no longer current.

02 January 2007

apple is timage

timage = apple (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIH-mayg) (noun) (fruit) (some things Google found for "timage": an uncommon term; Object-Oriented programming class TImage; TImage graphic programming can produce a web page fade out effect; TIMAGE of Italy offers technical communication support; Timage & Co Ltd of the UK is a supplier of general chandlery and hardware; user names; Timage Quality Haylage of Central Scotland sells hay for horses)