29 September 2006

spring (of water) is teiza (redefined)

teiza = spring (natural flow of ground water) (Lhaesine pronunciation = TEE-zuh) (noun) (some things Google found for "teiza": an uncommon to rare term; user names; a last name, notably political activist Ye Teiza from Burma or Myanmar; the "Teiza" is a modern Japanese classic chair designed in 1960 by Daisaku Choh)

Previously "teiza" was the Lhaesine word for silver.

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "spring" is now "teaga". This posting is no longer current.

27 September 2006

mean is bax

bax = mean (malicious) (BAX) (adjective) (some things Google found for "bax": a common term; BAX is the NYSE stock symbol for Baxter International Inc., a company in the healthcare sector; BAX Global is a shipping company; BAX is Brooklyn Arts Exchange; BAX is the official symbol for BCL2-associated X protein gene; Bax Internet Services; a last name, notably British composer Sir Arnold Bax (1883-1953) and researcher at NIH Dr. Ad (Adriaan) Bax; BAX Security Systems of Ontario, Canada; BAX IT Services Pty Ltd of Australia; user name; BAX is British-Arab Exchanges, formerly the British-Arab University Association; BAX is the airport code for Barnaul in Russia Federation; BAX system to screen ready-to-eat products for Listeria monocytogenes; means "boss, chief" in Turkish; means "a box" in Jamaican; a place in France)

25 September 2006

dry is saon

saon = dry (Lhaesine pronunciation = SOWWN) (noun) (some things Google found for "saon": an uncommon term; In UK government data standards, SAON stands for Secondary Addressable Object Name; SAON stands for South Australian Orthopaedic Nurses; Saon is a commune in the Basse-Normandie region of France; a last name, notably IBM speech recognition researcher George Saon; a feminine fist name that can be Japanese; a masculine first name that can be Ancient Greek; SAON System is a Russian company in oil and gas refinery products; pseudonym of a French sculptor who died in 1733; user names; Saon Monastery in Romania; Mount Saon on the Greek island of Samothrake; SAON stands for sarcoid-associated optic neuropathy; places in Togo and France)

23 September 2006

silver is tirsar (revisited)

tirsar = silver (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIHRCE-ahr) (metal) (some things Google found for "tirsar": a rare term; a last name that's Romanian; means something in Turkish; Tirsar is a place name that translates as "arrow lake" in Punjab, India; possible misspelling of "tirar" which means "pull, take away" in Spanish, Portuguese, and Catalan; a fantasy character name)

Modifying my Lhaesine word for "silver", again.

This word has been revised again. The word for "silver" is now "tishar". This posting is no longer current.

This word has been reinstated. The Lhaesine word for "silver" is now again "tirsa".

21 September 2006

rule is hilax

hilax = rule (HIH-lax) (noun) (some things Google found for "hilax": a rare term; user name; refers to website for Holiday Inn close to LAX airport; HILAX is the stock symbol for Phoenix Insight International N fund; a type of German steam locomotive; misspelling of Toyota Hilux Surf, name of SUV a model like 4runner which is sold mainly in Japan)

19 September 2006

leather is faidec

faidec = leather (Lhaesine pronunciation = FAY-deck) (noun, adjective) (some things Google found for "faidec": a rare term; FAIDEC, which stands for Fair of Artesanato and Indústria de Dores De Campos, is an annual fair held in Pains De Campos, Brazil; user name)

17 September 2006

sheep is desa (revisited)

desa = sheep (Lhaesine pronunciation = DEH-suh) (noun) (some things Google found for "desa": a very common term; DESA manufactures zone heating products; DESA stands for Department of Economic and Social Affairs of United Nations; DESA stands for Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association; DESA Inc is a management consulting firm; user names; Istana Desa is a Balancing retreat in Bali; Desa Utara Pedu Lake Resort in Malaysia; Desa Unicum Auction House and Galleries in Warsaw, Poland; DESA Australia PTY Ltd is communications and electrical services company; Desa Glass of Canada; DESA stands for Division of Environmental Science and Assessment of EPA; DESA stands for Division of Evaluation and Systematic Assessments of NIH; a last name, often spelled DeSa; means "country,village" in Indonesian; means "countryside" in Malay; means "sausage" in Latvian)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "sheep" is now "dosa". This posting is no longer current.

15 September 2006

cup is idar

idar = cup (Lhaesine pronunciation = IH-dar) (noun) (some things Google found for "idar": a very common term; Idar-Oberstein is a city in southwest Germany; a town and former Indian state in Gujarat in Western India; a last name, notably Mexican American journalist Jovita Idar; a masculine first name that is Norwegian or Swedish; Idar Bergseth Designs, Inc. fine jewellery company in Canada; iDAR stands for iPlanet Directory Access Router; user names)

13 September 2006

cream is onuca

onuca = cream (Lhaesine pronunciation = OH-nuh-kuh) (noun) (some things Google found for "onuca": an uncommon term; ONUCA stands for United Nations Observer Group in Central America whose mission was from 1989 to 1992 (acronym from Spanish - Observadores de las Naciones Unidas en Centroamerica); United Nations awarded ONUCA Medal; a place in Romania; user name; name of a song by Baptiste Trotignon; means something in Polish)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "cream" is now "oanuca". This posting is no longer current.

11 September 2006

wet is gowe

gowe = wet (Lhaesine pronuncation = GO'w) (adjective) (some things Google found for "gowe": an uncommon term; user names; a last name, notably sheet music editor Judi Gowe; a maker of a pattern of silverplate silverware; Gowe Corp is an Argentinean meat export company; a street in Kent, Washington; Gowe Beach in Gurnee, Illinois; Gowe Printing Company in Ohio; means "a blacksmith, a fool, halo around the sun or moon, persuade, wheedle" in Scottish; places in South Africa and Central African Republic)

09 September 2006

fire is zih (redone)

zih = fire (Lhaesine pronunciation = ZIH) (noun) (some things Google found for "zih": an uncommon term; airport code for Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo, Mexico; ZIH stands for Zentrum für Informationsdienste und Hochleistungsrechnen of Dresden University of Technology in Germany (Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing); Zih Galería Art Gallery in Zihuatanejo; Z.I.H. International of India is a manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel pipes; Zih-Jian Chou is an actor from Taiwan; ZIH is a Croatian management consulting firm; ZIH Corp sells Zebra thermal printers; user name; Wu-Zih Holy Light Church of Taiwan; Zydowski Instytut Historiczny (Jewish Historical Institute) of Warsaw, Poland; Jang Lai Zih Scissors Hardware Co Ltd of Taiwan)

My previous word for fire was "ife", which I decided was too close to "fire".

This word has been redone. The word for "fire" is now "zem". This posting is no longer current.

07 September 2006

meadow is berowa

berowa = meadow (BEH-ro-wuh) (noun) (some things Google found for "berowa": an uncommon term; Berowa, Berowa Heights, and Berowra Waters are northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia; Berowa Waters Inn; a last name that can be Filipino or Polish)

05 September 2006

fog is sese

sese = fog (cease) (noun) (some things Google found for "sese": a common term; Mobutu Sese Seko was President (or Dictator) of Zaire (1965-1997); SESE stands for Social, Environmental, and Scientific Education in Ireland; SESE stands for Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto; School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) at Arizona State University; a last name; Sesé Group is a transport and logistics company in Spain; SESE stands for Society for Ethnic Students in Engineering; Jiangmen Sese Craft Work Co., Ltd. of China; SESE stands for School of Environmental Systems Engineering at University of Western Australia; user names; means "spark" in over a dozen Bantu related African languages; means "herself, himself, itself" in Latin; means "we" in a couple of Bantu languages of Tanzania; means "fish" in Swahili; places in Fiji, Uganda, Congo, Ghana, Sudan, Indonesia, Albania, and Chad)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "fog" is now "hes". This posting is no longer current.

03 September 2006

wheel is puiwa (redone)

puiwa = wheel (Lhaesine pronunciation = PYOO-wuh) (noun) (some things Google found for "puiwa": a rare term; name of a road and lane in Honolulu; user names; Puiwa Point is a cape on the big island of Hawaii; name of a Chimpanzee in the Honolulu Zoo; "puiwa" is a Hawaiian for "surprise, frightened"; a feminine first name)

This word has been redone. The Lhaesine word for "wheel" is now "podrin". This posting is no longer current.

01 September 2006

Lhaesine marks one year

One year ago today, I started the Lhaesine Dictionary Project to make-up words in my own fantasy language. An eccentric undertaking, I’ll admit.

This blog has been updated daily, and for a stretch of time, even more frequently. This is my 453rd posting. There are considerably less than 452 words in Lhaesine, because I continue to modify and redo words as I refine the rules of my language.

There is a dictionary; Lhaesine-English and English-Lhaesine. But is Lhaesine a useable constructed language or conlang? No, not yet. Language building is not a simple task. Lhaesine is currently severely lacking in verbs, and it’s impossible to make sentences without verbs. I have long-standing ideas of how to handle verbs, though. Doing this project for the past year, I’ve learned a multitude of odd things, including more about grammar than I ever expected.

The Lhaesine Dictionary Project is ongoing. Yet starting today I’m going to step back a little, and post to this blog less often, perhaps every other day. I need to allow myself more time for various other things. New Lhaesine words are still forthcoming!