25 March 2013

rude is foada

foada = rude (Lhaesine pronunciation = FOH-duh) (adjective) (some things Google found for "foada": an unusual term; user names; a rare first name that can be Egyptian; a very rare last name that can be Italian; in Volapük foada is the genitive singular of foad which means means "liver (organ of human or animal)"; similarly pronounced "foda" means the F-word in Portuguese)

17 March 2013

small is wese (revisited)

wese = small (Lhaesine pronunciation = WEES) (adjective) (some things Google found for "wese": a common term; WESE (92.5 FM) is an urban contemporary radio station in the Tupelo area of Mississippi; WESE (Water and Environmental Systems) is a water treatment company in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia; user names; a rare to unusual last name; similar De Wese or DeWese is an unusual last name; a rare first name; WESE is an acronym for Waldorf Education Society of Edmonton in Canada; SKS Wese Roadrace Bicycle Mini Pump; "wése" means "moist, macerated" in Old English; Wese is the name of a place in the Dem. Republic of the Congo)

My previous Lhaesine word for "small" was "woxe", which was a somewhat odd word.

09 March 2013

since is nale

nale = since (from (time)) (Lhaesine pronunciation = NAIL) (adverb, preposition, conjunction) (some things Google found for "nale": a very common term; an uncommon last name; user names; an unusual first name; an obsolete Chaucer era term for ale and also alehouse; NALE is an acronym for Northern Arizona Literacy Enterprises; Borzu Nale and Kam Nale are Fluggrians in the Star Wars universe; NALE is an acronym for Naval and Amphibious Liaison Element; Nale is the evil twin brother of Elan in webcomic Order of the Stick; name of a Swedish heavy metal band; name of places in places in Pakistan, the Philippines, India, Sweden and Mali)

01 March 2013

district is samast

samast = district (Lhaesine pronunciation = SAH-mahst) (noun) (some things Google found for "samast": a very common term; a rare last name, notably of Turkish ultra-nationalist Ogün Samast who in 2007 killed Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink; SA.MAST is an acronym for South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust; a rare Sanskrit in origin masculine name meaning whole, entire; Mera Samast Jeevan is a Punjabi song title; in Estonian a form of samasus which means sameness; name of a place in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province)