29 May 2007

ear is cose (redone)

cose = ear (Lhaesine pronunciation = KOHS) (noun) (some things Google found for "cose": a very common term; COSE stands for Council of Smaller Enterprises which is the small business division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership; means "things" in Italian; a last name, notably journalist Ellis Cose; COSE stands for Common Open Software Environment; COSE is an acronym for Compilation of atmospheric Observations in support of Satellite measurements over Europe; C.O.S.E. stands for College of Science and Engineering at San Francisco State University; COSE stands for Council of State Employees in North Dakota; COSE stands for Creation of Study Environments; means "barter, exchange" in Scottish; means "sews" in Spanish; places in Peru, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Serbia and Montenegro)

My previous Lhaesine word for "ear" was "chole".

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "ear" is now "dobe". This posting is no longer current.

25 May 2007

pig is luda (revisited)

luda = pig (Lhaesine pronunciation = LUH-duh) (noun) (animal) (some things Google found for "luda": a common term; short nickname for rapper Ludacris who appeared on The Simpsons as "Luda Crest"; a feminine first name which can be a Russian name short for Ludmila; LUDA stands for Large Unit District Association in Illinois K-12 schools; China's People's Liberation Army Navy Luda class destroyer; European Commission LUDA project to improve quality in Large Urban Distressed Areas; WM97/Luda-A is a computer virus; means "imbecile" in Croatian; means "recreational" in Esperanto; means "fool, imbecile, insane, sill" in Serbian (Latin script); places in Morocco, Burkina Faso, China, and Russian Federation)

Another small change. My previous Lhaesine word for "pig" was "lueda".

21 May 2007

red is chur (revisited)

chur = red (Lhaesine pronunciation = CHUR) (adjective) (color) (some things Google found for "chur": a very common term; Chur is the capital of the Swiss canton of Graubünden and the oldest city in Switzerland; CHUR-FM is a Canadian adult contemporary radio station in Ontario; a last name; means "put" in Irish and in Manx; places in Sudan, Nigeria, Germany, Russian Federation, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan)

This is a small change. My previous word for the color "red" was "chuer".

17 May 2007

always is raiya (revisited)

raiya = always (Lhaesine pronunciation = RAY-yuh) (adverb) (some things Google found for "raiya": an uncommon term; a feminine first name, notably actress Raiya Corsiglia; a Ram Raiya is a member of a group of dissenters within Sikhism; Raiya is a Malaysian brand of toothpaste; RAIYA is an acronym for Recording Arts Industry Yukon Association; a last name; a user name; a road name in Rajkot India; seems to mean something in Kurdish (transliterated); name of places in Bahrain and Syria; an area in Kenya)

My previous word for "always" was "greya". I think "raiya" is easier to pronounce.

13 May 2007

name is oras

oras = name (Lhaesine pronunciation = OHR-ahs) (noun) (some things Google found for "oras": a very common term; Oras is a Finnish company that sells faucets and shower fixtures; 24 Oras (Twenty-four hours) is a primetime news broadcast in the Philippines; ORAS MO NA! (Your Time Is Up!) is a 1984 crime/noir comic from the Philippines; Oras designer wall mobiles; ORAS stands for Oil Region Astronomical Society of Northwest Pennsylvania; a masculine first name that can be Finnish; a last name that can be Estonian; ORAS stands for Optical Radar System; means "sprout, shoot" in Finnish; means "air" in Lithuanian; means "city" in Romanian; means "hour, time" in Tagalog; "órás" means horologist, someone who makes or repairs watches, in Hungarian; name of places in the Philippines and Sweden)

09 May 2007

tear is rera

rera = tear (Lhaesine pronunciation = REH-ruh) (noun) (some things Google found for "rera": an uncommon term; RERA stands for Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa; RERA is an acronym for Redwood Empire Remodelers Association; RERA stands for Rural Environment Research Association of Japan; RERA is a Georgian Folk Song and Dance Company (Georgia as in former USSR); Rera Teu lyrics by Catalan band Gossos; means "wind" in Ainu; RERA stands for Research Enterprise and Regional Affairs office at The University of Greenwich in the UK; a last name; RERA stands for Regional Emergency Response Advisor in Florida; RERA is the Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia in Czech Republic; Rera Design Inc.; RERA stands for Respiratory Effort-Related Arousal; means "leather, strap" in Maori; name of a place in Brazil)

05 May 2007

neck is sarde

sarde = neck (Lhaesine pronunciation = SAYRD) (noun) (some things Google found for "sarde": a common term; a last name, notably French film producer Alain Sarde and his brother composer Philippe Sarde; means "sardine" in Sicilian dish Pasta con le Sarde; means "Sardinian", a language of Sardinia, in French and German; Rocce Sarde Hotel in San Pantaleo Sardinia; means "pitchfork" in Basque; places in Afghanistan and Estonia)

01 May 2007

prince is treun

treun = prince (Lhaesine pronunciation = TREEOON) (noun) (some things Google for "treun": an uncommon to rare term; a last name which can be German; Treun Boats of Nova Scotia Canada; means "brave, valiant" in Gaelic and Scottish; Star Wars Galaxies character Treun Lorn was a human lunatic scientist)

This word has been slightly revised. The word for "prince" is now "truen". This posting is no longer current.