27 June 2007

down is suril

suril = down (Lhaesine pronunciation = suh-RIHL) (adjective) (some things Google found for "suril": an uncommon term; a masculine first name from India; user name; SuriL (sur-re-al) is a hip-hop musical artist; a last name in the Philippines; possibly a name on several Arabic pages; a feminine Jewish name in list of Holocaust martyrs from Poland; a last name from India; "súril" likely means something in Slovak)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "down" is now "surd". This posting is no longer current.

23 June 2007

sigil is cwed (revisited)

cwed = sigil (Lhaesine pronunciation = KWED) (some things Google found for "cwed": an uncommon term: CWED stands for Central Wholesale Electrical Distributors Inc.; CWED stands for Center for Women the Earth and the Divine; CWED stands for Center for Workforce and Economic Development; CWED stands for Community Workshop on Economic Development in Chicago; CWED stands for Contrast Weighted Edge Density; CWED stands for Correlation-based Watermarking Error Diffusion; similar word "cwede" means "a saying" in Anglo-Saxon)

A sigil can be a seal stamp or signature mark. It also can be a non-alphabetic symbol for a specific magical purpose, which can be part of a glyph.

My previous word for "sigil" was "qwed". I've decided to not use the letter "Q" in Lhaesine after all.

19 June 2007

tunic is mihra (revisited)

mihra = tunic (Lhaesine pronunciation = MIH-hruh) (some things Google found for "mihra": an uncommon term: MIHRA stands for Music Industry Human Rights Association; a first name which can be either male or female; a user name; character on The Camelot Herald; a last name that can be from India)

My previous word for "tunic" was "minha". I liked the look of the old word, but "nh" isn't a consonant combination that I'm allowing in Lhaesine.

15 June 2007

sour is cota

cota = sour (Lhaesine pronunciation = KAW-tuh) (some things Google found for "cota": a very common term: COTA is an acronym for Central Ohio Transit Authority; COTA stands for Children's Organ Transplant Association; COTA is an acronym for Connecting Over 50s Throughout Australia, and Council On The Ageing in Australia; COTA stands for Central Oregon Trail Alliance; COTA is an acronym for Church Of The Apostles; Cota & Cota is a Vermont business providing heating fuels and services; a last name, notably baseball player Humberto Cota; COTA stands for Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant; means "baton" in Malay; means "dues, subscription" in Portuguese; means "quota" in Romanian; means "altitude, bench mark, elevation" in Spanish; places in Mozambique, Colombia, Peru, Boliva, Portugal, Yemen, Philippines, Spain, and Bosnia Hercegovina)

11 June 2007

language is hacaraen (revisited)

hacaraen = language (Lhaesine pronunciation = hah-KAH-rawn) (some things Google found for "hacaraen": a unique term, did not match any documents)

This is a minor change to adjust the spelling to fit my pronunciation. My previous word for "language" was "hacaron".

07 June 2007

warm is seba (revisited)

seba = warm (Lhaesine pronunciation = SEH-buh) (adjective) (some things Google found for "seba": a very common term; SEBA stands for SouthEastern Bluegrass Association; SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH of Germany; a last name; SEBA stands for Sussex Education Business Alliance in UK; SEBA stands for South East Basketball Association Inc. of Australia; Associació de Seveis Energétics Básics Autónoms of Spain which installs renewable energy systems; Seba Developments Ltd. heating equipment of UK; Seba Cooperative Health Society Ltd. of India; SEBA stands for Systematic and Evolutionary Biogeographical Association; more companies and associations in various countries; a first name; means "apple" in Hindi (Transliterated); means "myself, themselves, yourself" in Slovak; means "quarterdeck" in Spanish; places in Congo, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Japan, India, Cote d'Ivoire, and Ethiopia)

My previous Lhaesine word for "warm" was "sebha". I've decided to not use the "bh" consonant combination.

In addition, "seba" was the former word for "eye" in Miresua, my other conlang. Words from Miresua are frequently not usable in Lhaesine, and visa versa, due to the differing rules for constructing words each language.

03 June 2007

prayer is onatha

onatha = prayer (Lhaesine pronunciation = oh-NAHTH-uh)(noun) (some things Google found for "onatha"; an uncommon to rare term; Onatha is the Iroquois spirit (or goddess) of wheat and of harvest; name of an 1966 episode of TV series "Daniel Boone" in which Daniel and Mingo save a small black girl from drowning but then clash with two slave hunters who claim ownership of her; user name; an undead rogue character in World of Warcraft; a feminine first name; one of the four Bio Laboratories on Amerish in Planetside Syndicate)