27 February 2007

over is brin

brin = over (Lhaesine pronunciation = BRIN) (adverb) (across) (some things Google found for "brin": a very common term; a last name, notably Russian-American entrepreneur Sergey Brin (President of Technology at Google) and American science fiction author David Brin; BRIN stands for Biomedical Research Infrastructure Networks of NIH; BRIN stands for British-Russian Innovation Network; means "a bit, a little, a little bit" in Cajun French; means "strand, sprig, whit, filament, maiden, wire" in French; means "brown" in Romansch which is a language of Switzerland; places in France, Senegal, and the UK)

25 February 2007

grief is frege

frege = grief (Lhaesine pronunciation = FREEG) (noun) (some
things Google found for "frege": a common term; a last name, notably German mathematician and logician Gottlob Frege (pronounced FRAY-GUH) (1848-1925) - an overwhelming result; female French singer Elodie Frégé; means "brag, fry, harass, quarrel" in Portuguese)

23 February 2007

blue is sris (redone)

sris = blue (Lhaesine pronunciation = SRIS) (adjective) (color) (some things Google found for "sris": an uncommon term; SRIS P.C. attorneys at law of Virginia; SRIS stands for South River Internet Services; SRIS is Steve Reeves International Society (Steve Reeves was a bodybuilder and played Hercules in film in the 1950s); a first name that is likely masculine and Indian; SRIs are Serotonin reuptake inhibitors; SRIS stands for Síndrome de respuesta inflamatoria sistémica in Spanish, which is called SIRS or Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome in English; in North Dakota SRIs are State Research Initiatives; SRIs stands for Socially Responsible Investments; SRIS is Student Records Information System at University of Ulster in UK; user names)

Another word for "blue", hopefully this one will stick. I'm making this change to avoid having nearly rhyming words for the colors of blue and red.

Note: "sri" is an Indian title of respect.

This word has been redone, again. The word for "blue" is now "rima". This posting is no longer current.

21 February 2007

leaf is rorn (redefined)

rorn = leaf (Lhaesine pronunciation = ROHRN) (noun) (some things Google found for "rorn": a musical artist; Rorn the Wanderer in fantasy campaign world Habisfern; in Thai Food "Yum Mu Rorn" is "Spicy Dried Pork"; RORN is a weather station; "Ka Rorn" is an island village in Southern Thailand; "Rorn M'doi" is a place in Wheel of Time fantasy series; user names; a last name that can be German or Cambodian; RORN is the model name of a 1923 radio; a first name that can be Malaysian; means "destruction, devastation, war" in TSR's AD&D Dwarven language)

Previously, for a short time, "rorn" was the word for "iron". I thought it looked too close to "iron".

19 February 2007

chair is nahar (redefined)

nahar = chair (Lhaesine pronunciation = NAH-har) (noun) (some things Google found for "nahar": a common term; An-Nahar is a newspaper from Lebanon; Nahar Group is manufacturer of Punjab, India; Nahar Systems of trucking business software; Nahar Foundations develops and sells properties in Chennai India; a last name; Nahar Cattle Company of Australia; Nahar Tourism Oasis in Ibra operated by Empty Quarter Tours of Oman; Nahar Group of Hotels in India; Nahar is the legendary horse ridden by Oromë in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion; Al-Nahar International Company sells office equipment in Kuwait; a masculine Arabian name meaning "day"; a feminine name in Bangladesh; means "lunch" in Azeri or Azerbaijani language; means "river" in Hebrew (Transliterated); means "to snore" in Maltese; means "food" in Turkmen; places in Israel, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, and India)

Earlier, before I redid the word for "table", "nahar" was Lhaesine for "table". My former word for "chair" was "nihade".

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "chair" is now "rahan". This posting is no longer current.

17 February 2007

shakudo is lheran

lheran = shakudo (Lhaesine pronunciation = LHEH-rahn) (noun) (metal alloy) (some things Google found for "lheran": a rare term; user names; means "to iron or to press" in the fantasy language of Calyr in the virtual world Faerland; Lheran Elderan is a character mentioned in German language Wiki Aventurica)

Shakudo is a Japanese alloy of copper with a small portion of gold (typically 4% Gold, 96% Copper) that is treated to produce a beautiful dark blue-purple patina. In classical antiquity a similar alloy was called hepatizon or black Corinthian bronze.

15 February 2007

sulfur is oparn

oparn = sulfur (Lhaesine pronunciation = OH-pahrn) (noun) (chemical element) (some things Google found for "oparn": a rare term; a masculine character in a fantasy role playing game; a fantasy land location; a feminine name from Nigeria; a user name)

13 February 2007

blanket is gisaex

gisaex = blanket (Lhaesine pronunciation = GIH-socks) (noun) (some things Google found for "gisaex": for all purposes an unique term, only occurrence found was in alphanumeric gobbledygook)

This word has been revised. The new word for "blanket" is "guscen". This posting is no longer current.

11 February 2007

wide is bras

bras = wide (Lhaesine pronunciation = BRAHS, like English word "brass")(adjective) (some things Google found for "bras": an extremely common term; In English bras are women's lingerie or undergarments - an overwhelming result; a last name; The Battle of Quatre Bras was fought between the Anglo-Dutch and the French armies on 16 June 1815; in automotive accessories there are car bras; means "big" in Breton; means "arm, arms, boom, brace" in French; means "vehement, rash, active, quick, keen, impetuous" in Gaelic; means "brace" in Polish; means "quick" in Scottish; means "heat" in Sindarin; means "brass" in Tagalog; means "fat" in Welsh; places in France, Belgium, Serbia and Montenegro, Russian Federation, and Brazil)

I've been avoiding creating Lhaesine words that were words in English, never mind that they had differing meanings and possibly different pronunciations. In hindsight, this was unrealistic of me and too limiting linguistically.

09 February 2007

hope is pasre

pasre = hope (Lhaesine pronunciation = PAYSR) (noun) (some things Google found for "pasre": a rare term; misspelling of "parse" such in parsing errors; PASRE stands for El Programa de Agricultura Sostenible Y Reconversión Productiva in Mexico; pasRE is an abbreviation for insurance industry software product for Property And Causality REinsurance; a name in India; "pasrè" seems to mean something in Walloon)

07 February 2007

brooch is feiqwa

feiqwa = brooch (Lhaesine pronunciation = FEE-kwa) (noun) (some things Google found for "feiqwa": an unique term, did not match any documents)

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "brooch" is now "feawa". This posting is no longer current.

05 February 2007

fire is zem (redone)

zem = fire (Lhaesine pronunciation = ZEHM) (noun) (some things Google found for "zem": a very common term; ZEM is Zero Emission Machines of Switzerland which makes four-wheeled pedal powered cycles; a last name, notably actor Roschdy Zem; a sacred well in Mecca (also called Zem Zem and Zam Zam); ZEM software Ltd of the UK has software and web design for small businesses; ZEM Technology of the Netherlands develops tele-imaging software; Zem Image Replacement software in web software; Zem Soft offers software products; ZEM Model Management of Japan; Kennel ZEM-ZEM of Denmark; Le ZEM Theatre de Lille, France; Zem Books and Zem Publications; Zem Surfboards; Alamein to Zem Zem is a WWII North Africa campaign memoir by Keith Douglas; name of a fictional alien character in the Crash Bandicoot series; ZEM Hearing Protector; user names; means "earth" in Slovak; a place in the Central African Republic)

My previous word for "fire" was "zih".

03 February 2007

fear is enixa

enixa = fear (Lhaesine pronunciation = eh-NIHKS-uh) (noun) (some things Google found for "enixa": an uncommon term; Enixa Media is a French Canadian advertising company; user names; "enixa est puerpera" is the title of a medieval Latin hymn, which can be translated as "the woman in childbed is delivered", and "enixa" can be roughly translated as "gave birth to" in Latin; enixa AB is a Swedish site possibly for web design; an unusual feminine first name; Enixa FrostyKiller is a Norseman character on The Camelot Herald)