05 May 2008

Lhaesine spelling and pronunciation

Given the spelling of a Lhaesine word, you should be able to pronounce it. Unlike English, Lhaesine has rules that it should follow consistently.

Last month I posted an English sentence spelled using my Lhaesine pronunciation rules - last month's posting. This was an interesting exercise for me as a conlanger; it made me think some things through. So I'm continuing on with same the text. This is the second sentence of chapter one of the book She by H. Rider Haggard.

So it is with the scene that I am about to describe; it rises so clearly before my mind at this moment as though it happened yesterday.

English using Lhaesine spelling rules:
Soa it iz with thu sene that Iy am ubaot tou duscribe; it riizez soa cleirley bifor miy miind at this moamunt as thoa it happunud yesturday.

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