01 April 2008

Lhaesine spelling and pronunciation

Given the spelling of a Lhaesine word, you should be able to pronounce it. Unlike English, Lhaesine has rules that it should follow consistently.

Below is a sentence in English and how I (an American) might spell that same sentence using my Lhaesine spelling rules.

There are some events of which each circumstance and surrounding detail seem to be graven on the memory in such fashion that we cannot forget them.

English using Lhaesine spelling rules:
Ther aer som eiventz of wich eche surhcumstans and surhraonding deitale seme tou bey graivun on thu memorey in such fashun that wey cannot forhget them.

This sentence starts chapter one of the book She by H. Rider Haggard which was first published in 1887.

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