29 May 2008

bell is vara (reinstated)

vara = bell (Lhaesine pronunciation = VAH-ruh) (some things Google found for "vara": a very common term; VARA is Vermont Alpine Racing Association; Omroepvereniging VARA is a public broadcasting organization in the Netherlands; Vara Chevrolet in San Antonio, Texas; Vara software offers products to create presentations and webcasts; a woman's and a man's first name, probably Indian; Vara's Beach House has accommodations on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands; VARA is Voluntary Association for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan; VARA is Victor Amateur Radio Association headquartered in New Jersey; the Vara-tones are a '60s surf music band; Vara Healing Arts of Albany, California; a last name, probably Hispanic; last name "De La Vara"; "coxa vara" is an unusual hip condition; VARA is Visual Artists Rights Act; VarA stands for Verified And Recipient Authorized for email; "tibia vara" is also known as Blount disease which causes bowlegs; Vara is an old Spanish and Portuguese unit of length of between 32 to 43 inches; Maytag Vara dishwashers; Vara Valley, Liguria, Italy; Vara Hostels in Sweden; Baterie Vara was a German WWII fort in Norway; "S'Vara" is the Hebrew word for "reason"; means "rod, pole, or stick" in Spanish and Portuguese; means "early" in Estonian; means "spare or reserve" in Finnish; means "summer" in Romanian; means verb "be, exist” and noun "article, product” in Swedish; places in Turkey, Iran, Burkina Faso, Estonia, Portugal, Sweden, and Solomon Islands)

With this word I'm bringing the letter "v" back into Lhaesine. I can use all the consonants I can get, so I changed my mind about disallowing "v".

My initial word for "bell" was "vara", which I later modified to "fara". I'm returning to "vara". Some of the information listed in this posting has been updated.

25 May 2008

prince is truen (revisited)

truen = prince (Lhaesine pronunciation = TRUN) (noun) (some things Google found for "truen": an uncommon term; a last name that can be British, often from Cornwall; user names; a Hip-Hop musician; a first name that can be feminine and Swedish; Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects of South Africa; Truen Co., Ltd is a South Korean video surveillance product company; a place in Albania)

My previous Lhaesine word for "prince" was "treun", which contained "eu", a vowel combination which I am no longer allowing in this conlang.

21 May 2008

corpse is lagur (revisited)

lagur = corpse (Lhaesine pronunciation = LAH-guhr) (noun) (some things Google found for "lagur": an uncommon term; an Israeli real estate website; user names; a last name; World of Warcraft character; Lagur Bakfar Ltd is an housing building and revovation company in Isreal; means "to live in" in Hebrew (transliterated); means "watered, wet" in Albanian)

My previous word for "corpse" was "laguer". Although the "ue" vowel combination is allowed, I'm not quite sure I know how I'd pronounce it followed by an "r". My word meaning interestingly clashes with the Hebrew meaning, but I'll leave it be.

This word has been revised. The word for "corpse" is now "laglar". This posting is no longer current.

17 May 2008

garden is merigen (revisited)

merigen = garden (Lhaesine pronunciation = meh-RIH-gehn) (noun) (some things Google found for "merigen": an uncommon to rare term; Merigen Medical of Fargo, North Dakota; user names; a last name; an unusual first name; Merigen OÜ is an Estonian importer of stockings, socks, and underwear; MeriGen Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Italy; a form of the Old English word for "morning")

My previous word for "garden" was "merign". I've decided not to use the "gn" consonant combination in Lhaesine. Besides, this word was the only word that was using it.

This is a amother tweak of an existing Lhaesine word. I know I've been "revisiting" words for a while here, but I'm trying to get rid of some inconsistancies. If you want to see new words, I'm actively defining more new words on my other conlang, Miresua. Miresua is not related to Lhaesine.

13 May 2008

black is ferhag (revisited)

ferhag = black (Lhaesine pronunciation = FEHR-ahg) (adjective) (color) (some things Google found for "ferhag": a rare term; user names; bad OCR transcription of "feeling" from an old text; may be a rare last name)

My previous Lhaesine word for "black" was "ferag". This is one of the oldest words created in Lhaesine. I'm tweaking the spelling to agree with how I pronounce the word.

This word has been revised again. The word for "black" is now "ferac". This posting is no longer current.

09 May 2008

floor is giron (revisited)

giron = floor (Lhaesine pronunciation = GIH-rawn) (noun) (some things Google found for "giron": a very common term; a last name, notably horror writer Sephera Giron and New Mexico politician Rebecca Vigil-Giron; Playa Girón is another name for the beach of the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba; Girón Books; Giron or Girón is the name of places in Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Venezuela)

My previous Lhaesine word for "floor" was "girone". I'm shortening this word -- going for the short "o" sound this time.

05 May 2008

Lhaesine spelling and pronunciation

Given the spelling of a Lhaesine word, you should be able to pronounce it. Unlike English, Lhaesine has rules that it should follow consistently.

Last month I posted an English sentence spelled using my Lhaesine pronunciation rules - last month's posting. This was an interesting exercise for me as a conlanger; it made me think some things through. So I'm continuing on with same the text. This is the second sentence of chapter one of the book She by H. Rider Haggard.

So it is with the scene that I am about to describe; it rises so clearly before my mind at this moment as though it happened yesterday.

English using Lhaesine spelling rules:
Soa it iz with thu sene that Iy am ubaot tou duscribe; it riizez soa cleirley bifor miy miind at this moamunt as thoa it happunud yesturday.

01 May 2008

fate is loasra (revisited)

loasra = fate (Lhaesine pronunciation = LOH-sruh) (noun) (some things Google found for "loasra": a very rare term; probably a name in a Hungarian language RPG-related novella; gobbledygook or uncorrected OCR generated text from old documents)

My previous Lhaesine word for "fate" was "losra". This is another spelling tweak for retaining the long "o" pronunciation.