01 September 2008

Lhaesine dictionary project marks three years

I started the Lhaesine Dictionary Project exactly three years ago today. This is the 690th post to the blog. Given my multitude of revisions as I figure the rules and the look of this fantasy language, that works out to be about 450 made-up words in Lhaesine, and that's a considerable number of words.

Although this conlang language project is important to me, starting today I'm going to scale back my frequency of updates to this blog. I've considered cutting back for some time. There are other things in my life I need to get doing. I'll still be adding words here in Lhaesine, just not as often. All of you who have stopped by over the past three years, from throughout the world, thank you for visiting my eccentric project. There will be more words to come.

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