15 August 2008

sixteen is anare

anare = sixteen (Lhaesine pronunciation = AH-nayr) (adjective) (number) (some things Google found for "anare": an uncommon term; ANARE (pronounced an-ah-ree) is an acronym for Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions; the Anare Mountains are along the northern coast of Victoria Land in Antarctica; a masculine first name from Fiji; user name; a last name; ANARE stands for Asociacion de Nacional de Remolcadores (Spanish Tugowners Association); a city in Venezuela)

Counting upward. This is a newly created word, not a revision. In Lhaesine "six" is "aler". Following my pattern, there is some similarly between my words for "six" and "sixteen".

This word has been redone as part of a series of number revisions. The Lhaesine word for "sixteen" is now "evaen". This posting is no longer current.

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