31 January 2008

top is sune (revisited)

sune = top (Lhaesine pronunciation = SOON) (adjective, noun) (some things Google found for "sune": an uncommon term; a masculine first name, notably Swedish biochemist Sune Karl Bergström (1916-2004); user names; a female deity of love and beauty in the fictional world of Forgotten Realms; Lalah Sune is a female character in anime Mobile Suit Gundam; a move sequence in solving Rubik's Cube; Sune is an alternative rock band; an Afrikaans feminine first name; Hong Kong Sune Global Limited is company selling mobile phone accessories; places in Iraq, Spain, Sudan, and Burkina Faso)

My previous word for "top" was "esugre". It was, upon reconsideration, overly long and unwieldy.

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