07 January 2008

east is seidon (revisited)

seidon = east (Lhaesine pronunciation = SEE-dawn) (noun, adjective, adverb) (direction) (some things Google found for "seidon": an uncommon term; a last name, notably producer Robin Seidon; Seidon Printers of Singapore; Seidon back and sports center in Flensburg, Germany; a fractured part of Poseidon (which is pronounced differently than my word); user names; Seidon IE Corporation in Bangalore, India; means "fine weather cloudy" in Japanese (transliterated))

My previous Lhaesine word for "east" was "seidor". This is a minor change to end the word with "n", to bring it in sync with my other cardinal compass points. I like it that Google I found some Eastern Asian meanings for this word.

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "east" is now "seadon". This posting is no longer current.

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