07 December 2007

linen is alira

alira = linen (Lhaesine pronunciation = ah-LIH-ruh) (noun, adjective) (some things Google found for "alira": an uncommon term; Alira stainless steel kitchen faucets; Accueil Alira of France offers technical engineering education packs; user names; first name of a female fantasy character; a last name that can be Spanish; name of cities in Uganda and Iran)

This word was originally intended to be the word for linen in Miresua, my other conlang, but as I do so often in Lhaesine, I changed my mind. Miresua is an eclectic alphabetic combination of Basque and Finnish and follows a different set of rules. Not all words intended for Miresua can be used in Lhaesine. For instance, the word I ended up using for linen in Miresua, avari, would not be allowed in Lhaesine because it contains a "v" and ends in "i".

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