05 July 2007

ring is noula (revisited)

noula = ring (Lhaesine pronunciation = NOO-luh) (noun) (some things Google found for "noula": an uncommon term; Noula Apartments and Noula Studios are places to holiday in Greece; The Noula Express was a steel ship sunk near Fort Lauderdale in an artificial reef program; user name; a feminine name which can be Hebrew or Greek; a masculine first name which can be Syrian or Haitian; a last name which is likely from Greece)

My previous word for "ring" was "nuila". This new word is pronounced the same as the old word, I'm just changing the spelling. The new "ou" vowel combination will be pronounced as "oo" in "moon". The old "ui" vowel combination will be changing to the "yoo" sound, like the "u" in "cute". Expect more word revisions due to this rule change of mine.

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