13 January 2007

spider is tiche (revisited)

tiche = spider (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIGHCH) (noun) (some things Google found for "tiche": a common term; TIChe stands for The Thai Institute of Chemical engineering; Audun-le-Tiche is a village in the province of Lorraine in France; Tiche is an Italian Financial Advising company; TICHÌ is a brand of Lithuanian natural mineral water; Tiche Porcelain of Italy; song Tiche by Cesária Évora; Tiche Udoli Hotels and Guest Houses in Czech Republic; Tiche Cannel Coal Company in Pennsylvania; a last name; "tiché" means "quiet, silent" in Slovak; a place in Bulgaria)

This is a small change to alter the pronunciation. My previous word for "spider" was "teche", which I still think is a cool looking word. But I decided that I'd rather not have the word for "spiders" (plural) be pronounced the same as the English word "teacher". Someone may wrongly assume I'm criticizing the teaching profession.

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