14 June 2006

pain is nazan

nazan = pain (Lhaesine pronunciation = NAH-zahn) (noun) (some things Google found for "nazan": an uncommon to common term; a feminine first name, notably Turkish pop music singer/songwriter Nazan Öncel and Turkish actress Nazan Kirilmis; The Nazan Bay Inn on Aleutian island of Atka and place Nazan both in Alaska; user names; a last name, Indian musician Aziz Nazan; place Bai Nazan, Takhar, Afghanistan; a place in Iran)

This word has been changed - see comments. The word for "pain" is now "nazult". This posting is no longer current.


lighthouse said...

hi there,

I've just stop to say "It is not nice seeing your own name with (pain) in the same line. It is a nightmare learning that your name might mean pain in some language"

N. Nazan Dogan
on behalf of other Turkish
females having that precious name

(Oh... sure No objection if you decide to change it as happiness :)

Mariska said...

Apologies to you, and all the women named Nazan. No insult was ever intended by my word definition.

As you wrote me, I will change this word. Lhaesine is a fantasy language so I am able to change words. I don't want to cause pain with my word for pain.