22 February 2006

church is ashul

ashul = church (Lhaesine pronunciation = AH-shuhl) (noun) (some things Google found for "ashul": an uncommon term; user names; character names; first name of a man from perhaps Nairobi, Africa; a last name in Pakistan; a masculine first name in India; a fantasy kingdom; Ashul Temple is the name of a cave room in Wind Cave National Park; Dr. Coaldwin-Ashul-Tahaylik is a minor Animorphs character; place or geographic feature in Yemen; inspired by words for "five" in Apache and Navajo)

I'm redefining "ashul" as "church". Previously "ashul" was the Lhaesine word for "five".

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Ashul said...

Good to make your language! My grandmother named me Ashul after a distortion of a Sanskrit word for October (the month I was born) and made to mean a flower the spruts in October