21 May 2015

it (inanimate, subject) is ob (revisited)

ob = it (inanimate) (Lhaesine pronunciation = OB) (pronoun) (personal subject pronoun) (some things Google found for "ob": a very common term; OB is an abbreviation for obstetrician; similar o.b. tampons; OB billiards and pool cues; in the game Magic: The Gathering, Ob Nixilis is a demon former human Planeswalker; means if, whether in German; means for the purpose of, because of in Latin; means I (pronoun) in Volapük; means at in Slovenian; an unusual masculine first name; Ob River in western Siberia, Russia; The Gulf of Ob is a bay of the Arctic Ocean; name of places in Germany and Papua New Guinea)

My previous Lhaesine word for "it (inanimate)" was "wa". I decided to redo this word.

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