09 May 2015

it (animate, object) is nu

nu = it (animate, unknown or unspecified gender) (Lhaesine pronunciation = NU) (pronoun) (personal object pronoun) (some things Google found for "nu": a very common term; name of the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet (Ν, ν) which is transliterated as n; an unusual last name that can be Burmese; Sigma Nu (ΣΝ) is an undergraduate college fraternity; NU is the NYSE stock symbol for Eversource Energy; a Yiddish interjection meaning "well?" or "so?"; a slang spelling of new in English, as in Nu Metal music; NU is the abbreviation for Nunavut which is a territory of Canada; means naked, bare in French and Portuguese; means now in Swedish, Danish and Dutch; means not, no in Romanian; name of places in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea)

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