25 February 2015

hammer is ravis

ravis = hammer (Lhaesine pronunciation = RAH-vis) (noun) (some things Google found for "ravis": a common term; an unusual to uncommon last name; Ravis Custom Tailors of Thailand; RaVis is Relational Analysis Components for Adobe Flex; user names; an unusual first name; Ravis is a brand of radar visualization software from Romania; means delighted in Esperanto (verb) and French (adjective); in Latin forms of the adjective meaning gray; similar Ravise is the name of a place in Haiti)

This is a re-purposed, redefined word. This word previously, some years ago, meant "lead" (metal) in Lhaesine.

21 February 2015

pale is nosa

nosa = pale (light in color) (Lhaesine pronunciation = NAW-suh) (adjective) (some things Google found for "nosa": a very common term; NOSA is an acronym for Newport Ocean Sailing Association of California; NOSA stands for NOAA Observing System Architecture; NOSA is an acronym for Nordic Society for Aerosol Research; NOSA stands for Northern Outlaw Sprint Association which promotes sprint car racing in the upper Midwest; NOSA stands for National Oil Shale Association; NOSA stands for The North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club in Canada; nosa means ours in Galician which is a language of northwestern Spain; a last name; name of a place in Malawi)

17 February 2015

calm is siula

siula = calm (Lhaesine pronunciation = SYOO-luh) (adjective) (some things Google found for "siula": an uncommon term; Siula Grande is a high mountain in the Peruvian Andes; The North Face's men's super siula fleece jacket; an information and shopping center in Saariselkä in northern Finland; a rare last name; a rare first name that is often feminine; name of a place in Peru)

13 February 2015

bitter is ezare

ezare = bitter (Lhaesine pronunciation = EH-zayr) (adjective) (some things Google found for "ezare": an unusual term; user names; a rare first name; a rare last name; gaming character names; EZARE s.r.o. is a small Slovakian company; Al Ezare` or Hazm al-Ezare` is a location, seems to be hills, in Saudi Arabia)

09 February 2015

or is em (revisited)

em = or (Lhaesine pronunciation = EHM) (conjunction) (some things Google found for "em": a very very common term; an uncommon last name; an unusual often feminine first name which can be a shortening of a number of longer names, notably Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz movie; a unit of measurement in typography and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); EM is an acronym for electromagnetic; similar 'em is a colloquial term for them, such as in Texas hold 'em; Em can mean E minor, as in Em guitar chord; name of the letter M; in Catalan em means me; in Kurdish em means we; in Portuguese em means in; name of a place in Denmark)

My previous Lhaesine word for "or" was "ema". I shortened this word by one letter, and made it one syllable.

05 February 2015

end is sut

sut = end (Lhaesine pronunciation = SUHT) (noun) (some things Google found for "sut": a very common term; an unusual first name; an unusual last name; Sut Hill Ford & Dodge is a car dealer in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin; SUT is an acronym for Society for Underwater Technology; SUT is an acronym for Sport Utility Truck; in Danish sut means pacifier; in French sut is a conjugation of the verb savoir meaning to know (something); in Welsh sut means how; name of a place in Somalia)

This is not the end of Lhaesine. The word end is in the paragraph I'm translating to Lhaesine.

01 February 2015

as (in the role of) is hae

hae = as (Lhaesine pronunciation = HAAW) (preposition) (in the role of) (some things Google found for "hae": a very common term; HAE is an acronym for Hereditary Angioedema; an uncommon first name that can be feminine and Korean, notably teenage murder victim Hae Min Lee; HAE is the NYSE stock symbol for Haemonetics; a Scottish variant of have; HAE Now Organic Tee sells blank cotton T-shirts; in Finnish conjugations of the verb hakea meaning to retrieve; means flag in Hawaiian; in Latin means these (feminine); an unusual last name; name of a city in Angola)