05 May 2013

house is alca (revisited)

alca = house (Lhaesine pronunciation = AHLK-uh) (noun) (some things Google found for "alca": a common term; ALCA is a Spanish acronym for Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas (Free Trade Area of the Americas); the Aero L 159 ALCA (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft) is a Czech-built aircraft; ALCA is an acronym for Arizona Landscape Contractors Association; ALCA stands for Alabama Counseling Association; ALCA is an acronym for Aurora Learning Community Association of Oklahoma City; ALCA Carpentry Contractors of Illinois; an unusual to uncommon last name; an unusual first name that can be masculine or feminine; a taxonomic genus of seabirds comprising the razorbill; in Catalan and Portuguese similarly spelled alça is a form of the verb "to raise, to lift"; In Portuguese similar spelled alça means "a semicircular handle"; a district in Peru; name of places in Peru and Chile)

My previous Lhaesine word for "house" was "alna". I'm no longer using the LN consonant combination.

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