17 February 2013

land is hir

hir = land (Lhaesine pronunciation = HIRH) (noun) (some things Google found for "hir": a very common term; HIR is an acronym for Harvard International Review; HIR is an acronym for the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in New York; in English a gender-neutral possesive pronoun; HIR is the IATA airport code for Honiara International Airport in the Solomon Islands; an unusual last name; a rare first name; means "grace, blessing, goodwill" in Albanian; means "long" in Breton and Welsh; hîr means "whim, caprice" in Serbo-Croatian; name of a city and district in Iran; Pointe de Pen-Hir is a promontory in Brittany, France; name of places in Pakistan and India)

This is a new Lhaesine word.

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