01 October 2011

you (singular) is gen

gen = you (singular) (Lhaesine pronunciation = GEN not JEN) (pronoun) (some things Google found for "gen": a very very common term; Gen X (Generation X) is the generation born after the post–World War II baby boom which generally means those born between 1965 and 1980; Gen Con is a gaming convention; GEN is an acronym for Global Ecovillage Network; Gen is an online puzzle & skill game; POWER-GEN International is a conference; Gen is a video game character from the Street Fighter series; Gen (2006) is Turkish horror film; Gen is a last name; gen can be the abbreviation for English words gender, general, generally, generation, genitive and genus; Gen means "gene" in Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Japanese (transliterated), Polish, Spanish and Swedish; "gén" means "still, yet; again further" in Old English; means "smile, laugh" in Old Irish; means "attractive; pleasing; nice; fair" in Old Provençal; means "gender; type, sort" in Romanian; Gen is the name of places in the Dominican Republic and Liberia)

This is a very common word I hadn't yet defined in Lhaesine.

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "you (singular)" is now "ged". This posting is no longer current.

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