09 September 2011

green is daela (revisited)

daela = green (Lhaesine pronunciation = DAAW-luh) (color) (adjective) (some things Google found for "daela": an uncommon term; a rare feminine first name, notably Nevada politician Daela Gibson; name of a angular font design; Children of Daela are a race of Elemental beings in the fiction of self-published novelist Betsy McCall; an ensemble of dance performers from NYC; user names; a rare last name; name of a stream in Cote d'Ivoire).

Yes, I'm changing the word for green again. I do change my mind. Somehow the previous Lhaesine word for "green", which was "daeva", was not quite right.

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nevadagrrl said...

My name is pronounced Day-la. :) And green is one of my favorite colors! I know you make your own definitions and pronunciations, I just had to share my pronunciation since you mentioned me (thank you - how thrilling!) and since people have always had creative ways of saying my name because it is rather unique.

I'm enjoying your blog very much.

Thank you, again,
Daela Gibson