25 March 2011

board is bisa

bisa = board (Lhaesine pronunciation = BIH-suh) (noun) (some things Google found for "bisa": a very common term; BISA is an acronym for Bank Insurance & Securities Association; BISA stands for Black Women In Sisterhood for Action; BISA is an acronym for Battlefield Information System Application; BISA stands for British International Studies Association; BISA is an acronym for British International Spa Association; BISA stands for Bicycle Institute of South Australia; BISA is an acronym for Berkeley Indonesian Student Association; Banco BISA SA of Bolivia; an uncommon last name; an unusual feminine first name; means "visa" in Basque; means "can, be able" and "poison" in Indonesian; means "encounters" in Portuguese; name of cities in Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi and Pakistan)

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