21 September 2010

seagull is seda

seda = seagull (Lhaesine pronunciation = SEH-duh) (noun) (some things Google found for "seda": an very common term; SEDA is an acronym for Staged Event-Driven Architecture which is an Internet server architecture; a last name; Seda France Candles; a feminine first name; means "some of this, this" in Estonian; means "voice" in Kurdish; means "silk" in Spanish and Portuguese; means "sound, voice" in Turkish; name of cities in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Congo, Lithuania, and Mozambique)


Sedeslav said...

When Serbians said "SEDA ŽENA" that means grayhair (old) woman..
For a man they said SEDI

My nick name means "Grayhair gloryous"
I am Croat and we say: SJEDA ...little diferent (prono.: Sye- da)

Mariska said...

Thank you for sharing definitions of seda with me.

Grayhair actually seems to work with my definition of seda as seagull. Seagulls can be gray or white. I like seeing seagulls soar in the sky.