05 September 2010

from is ur (revisited)

ur = from (Lhaesine pronunciation = UHR) (preposition) (some things Google found for "ur": a very common term; name of a Sumerian city in ancient Mesopotamia; in English "ur-" is a prefix forming words with the sense of "proto-, primitive, original"; in English "ur" is informal slang for "your or you're"; UR is an acronym for University of Richmond; means "water" in Basque; means "a, an, any, someone" in Breton; means "clock, watch" in Danish and Norwegian; means "bison, aurochs" in Old English; similar word "úr" means "fire" in Quenya; means "seed" in Mongolian (transliterated); means "your" in Scottish Gaelic; means "city" in Sumerian (transliterated); means "clock, watch or from, out of" in Swedish; means "tumor" in Turkish; name of cities in Iraq, Indonesia and France)

My previous word for "from" was "mur". I shortened this word.

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