01 August 2010

poor is reul (revisited)

reul = poor (Lhaesine pronunciation = RUUL) (adjective) (some things Google found for "reul": an uncommon term; a last name, notably German politican Herbert Reul; an Irish sixpence coin (pre-decimal system); means "star (astronomy)" in Scottish Gaelic; means something in transliterated Korean as it appears in mp3 and video song titles)

My previous Lhaesine word for "poor" was "ruel". I swapped the vowels around. This is a change in my pronunciation rules updates.


Aaron said...

I like this word for 'poor'. It makes me think of 'gruel', which is an immediate and easy connection. Sort of makes me wish I'd come up with it.

Doubt I'll be forgetting your word for a long while. :)

Mariska said...

Glad you like my word for poor.
Now I'll be thinking of gruel in connection with it, which will help remember it too. Thanks!