09 July 2010

three is leuc (revisited)

leuc = three (Lhaesine pronunciaton = LUUK, same as English word look) (adjective) (number) (some things Google found for "leuc": an uncommon term; prefix leuc- is a variant of leuko- which means "white, colorless" from the Greek word "leukos"; an unusual last name; Carnaval de Leuc; nucleotide sequence of leuC; Santa Maria Di Leuc, Italy; character name; name of a city in Southern France)

This is another modification due to the change I made in Lhaesine phonetic spelling rules. My previous Lhaesine word for "three" was "luec".

I don't publish comments that I can't read or translate. I don't know what they say. Sorry, I can't read Chinese.

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