29 July 2010

soft is pon (revisited)

pon = soft (Lhaesine pronunciation = PAWN) (adjective) (some things Google found for "pon": a very common term; a last name; "Pon de Replay" is a song by Rihanna in which "pon" is slang for "on"; Pon is a Dutch international trading and service company; a day in the pasaran cycle of the Javanese calendar; PON is an acronym for Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog); PON is an acronym for Passive Optical Network; means "nightgown" in Dutch; a conjugation of the Spanish verb poner which means to put; name of cities in Indonesia and Thailand)

My previous Lhaesine word for "soft" was "poum".

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