17 September 2009

six is iler (revisited)

iler = six (Lhaesine pronunciation = IH-lehr) (adjective) (number) (some things Google found for "iler": a very common term; a last name, notably actor Robert Iler; Iler Networking and Computing; user names; Iler & Iler personal injury lawyers in California; Iler and Iler Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Ohio; means "rushing" in Norwegian; present tense of verb meaning "hurry, hasten" in Danish; name of a city in Ohio; name of a town in the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria)

My previous Lhaesine word for "six" was "aler". As you can see this was a small change. I'm still tweaking my words for numbers, trying to fix them to my satisfaction.


Pilland said...

Interesting indeed!
Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.

Mariska said...