01 April 2009

he is ene (revisited)

ene = he (Lhaesine pronunciation = EEN) (pronoun) (personal subject pronoun) (some things Google found for "ene": a very common term; ENE is an abbreviation for east-northeast; a last name; The Ene Reaction is a type of chemical reaction; a feminine first name that can be Estonian; a river in Peru; means "thus, any, anything" in Ainu; means "soul" in Breton; means "alone, lonely" in Danish; means "one, so-called" in Dutch; means "within" in Esperanto; means "grandmother" in Turkmen; a city in Belgium; a town in The Democratic Republic of the Congo)

My previous Lhaesine word for "he" was "ehn", which had an odd, no longer valid, consonant combination of "hn" in it.

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