17 March 2009

ten is pir (redone)

pir = ten (Lhaesine pronunciation = PIHR) (adjective) (number) (some things Google found for "pir": a very common term; a title for a Sufi master which means "old [person]" in Persian; refers to Zoroastrian pilgrimage sites such as in Iran; NYSE stock symbol for Pier 1 Imports; a legendary king of the Britons; PIR stands for Protein Information Resource; PIR is an acronym for Passive infrared sensor; PIR is an acronym for Parachute Infantry Regiment; PIR can stand for Phoenix (or Portland) International Raceway; a masculine first name; a last name; name of cities and towns in Pakistan, Albania, Romania, Iran and Senegal)

My previous Lhaesine conlang word for "ten" was "nale".

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