01 January 2009

difficult is terucen (revisited)

terucen = difficult (Lhaesine pronunciation = TEH-ruh-kehn) (adjective) (some things Google found for "terucen": a very rare term; may be a last name; other occurrences seemed to be just gobbledygook)

My previous word for "difficult" was "terinpan", which no longer works within the rules for Lhaesine because of that "np" consoant combination. Over the years I've come up with various rules for building words in this conlang language.

Happy New Year!


Novlangue said...

Interesting idea. But are you going to write any sentences?

Lhaesine anything to do with Lhasa?

Hiraen new year.

Mariska said...

Writing sentences in Lhaesine is one of my New Year's Resolutions.

Lhaesine has nothing to with Lhasa. The only Lhasa I know of is the capital of Tibet.

Lhaesine is likely gobbledygook to speakers of any language.