17 November 2008

silver is tishar (revisited)

tishar = silver (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIH-shar) (noun, adjective) (some things Google found for "tishar": an uncommon to rare term; an unusual last name; an unsual first name; TIS/HAR stations are low-power AM radio stations used in the US by government for travelers information and highway advisories; user names; USDA's Tishar series of well drained soils; in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series character Elisane Tishar was the first Amyrlin Seat of the Aes Sedai)

My previous word for "silver" was "tirsar". It had a "rs" consonant combination in it, which I'm not certain I want to use in Lhaesine. I think that my new word is easier to pronounce.

This is the fifth word I've defined for silver, a record for number of revisions to a single word. Hopefully this one will stick.

It didn't stick, this word has been revised again. I went back to the previous word, and the Lhaesine word for "silver" is once again "tirsar".

This word has been revised yet again. The Lhaesine word for "silver" is now "tirsa". This posting is no longer current.

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