11 June 2008

star is lire (revisited)

lire = star (Lhaesine pronunciation = LYER, or lyre) (noun) (some things Google found for "lire"; a very common term; means "to read" in French; Lire is Open Source log analysis software; more than one Italian lira, plural of lira; a French literary magazine; LIRE is a joint research unit in 18th and 19th century literature in France; means "lira (currency)" in Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish; similar word "lirë" means "cheap or free" in Albanian: places in Alsace region of France (also called Liré), Uganda, and Turkey)

My previous word for "star" was "liiha". I think this new word is simpler and more elegant.

This word has been redone. Nothing wrong with this word, I expect lire will be reused. The word for "star" is now "avel". This posting is no longer current.


Cindeer Spellen said...

One of my former students believes that creating an artificial language is one of the best ways to learn linguistic principles. So I used to have my classes work in groups to create their own language. Are you planning to use lhaesine for a fantasy or sci-fi novel? I also like word play and dictionaries. Bless, "Cindeer"

Mariska said...

Lhaesine has definitely made me think about how words are put together. It's for a fantasy world, but it's also for word play. Thanks for stopping by!