21 May 2008

corpse is lagur (revisited)

lagur = corpse (Lhaesine pronunciation = LAH-guhr) (noun) (some things Google found for "lagur": an uncommon term; an Israeli real estate website; user names; a last name; World of Warcraft character; Lagur Bakfar Ltd is an housing building and revovation company in Isreal; means "to live in" in Hebrew (transliterated); means "watered, wet" in Albanian)

My previous word for "corpse" was "laguer". Although the "ue" vowel combination is allowed, I'm not quite sure I know how I'd pronounce it followed by an "r". My word meaning interestingly clashes with the Hebrew meaning, but I'll leave it be.

This word has been revised. The word for "corpse" is now "laglar". This posting is no longer current.

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