29 May 2008

bell is vara (reinstated)

vara = bell (Lhaesine pronunciation = VAH-ruh) (some things Google found for "vara": a very common term; VARA is Vermont Alpine Racing Association; Omroepvereniging VARA is a public broadcasting organization in the Netherlands; Vara Chevrolet in San Antonio, Texas; Vara software offers products to create presentations and webcasts; a woman's and a man's first name, probably Indian; Vara's Beach House has accommodations on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands; VARA is Voluntary Association for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan; VARA is Victor Amateur Radio Association headquartered in New Jersey; the Vara-tones are a '60s surf music band; Vara Healing Arts of Albany, California; a last name, probably Hispanic; last name "De La Vara"; "coxa vara" is an unusual hip condition; VARA is Visual Artists Rights Act; VarA stands for Verified And Recipient Authorized for email; "tibia vara" is also known as Blount disease which causes bowlegs; Vara is an old Spanish and Portuguese unit of length of between 32 to 43 inches; Maytag Vara dishwashers; Vara Valley, Liguria, Italy; Vara Hostels in Sweden; Baterie Vara was a German WWII fort in Norway; "S'Vara" is the Hebrew word for "reason"; means "rod, pole, or stick" in Spanish and Portuguese; means "early" in Estonian; means "spare or reserve" in Finnish; means "summer" in Romanian; means verb "be, exist” and noun "article, product” in Swedish; places in Turkey, Iran, Burkina Faso, Estonia, Portugal, Sweden, and Solomon Islands)

With this word I'm bringing the letter "v" back into Lhaesine. I can use all the consonants I can get, so I changed my mind about disallowing "v".

My initial word for "bell" was "vara", which I later modified to "fara". I'm returning to "vara". Some of the information listed in this posting has been updated.

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