23 March 2008

hair is eche (revisited)

eche = hair (Lhaesine pronunciation = EECH) (noun) (some things Google found for "eche": a very common term; a last name; ECHE stands for European Conference on the History of Economics; ECHE stands for European Conference on Health Economics; user names; Middle English spelling of "each"; means "bait" in French; means "throw or jettison" in Spanish)

My previous Lhaesine conlang word for "hair" was "eicha". Although it may not look like it from the spelling, as far as pronunciation this change merely removes the last syllable. The plural of the Lhaesine word "eche" is "eichur".

This word has been revised. The Lhaesine word for "hair" is now "ech". This posting is no longer current.

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