23 February 2008

son is tir (redone)

tir = son (Lhaesine pronunciation = TIHR) (noun) (some things Google found for "tir": a very common term; Tír na nÓg in Irish Mythology is an Otherworld which in English is called something like the Land of Eternal Youth; the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) has a kingdom of An Tir; Tir is a Macedonian International Freight Forwarder; TIR stands for Thermal Infrared in a NASA radiometer; TIR stands for Traumatic Incident Reduction in health; TiR stands for Teacher in Residence at Metropolitan State College of Denver; "tir" means "country" in Irish; places in Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran, and Sudan)

This is a major change. I'm redoing this word to something short, with only one syllable.  My previous word for "son" was "cihan", which was related to my word for "man" which is "cin".

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