19 February 2008

daughter is torha (revisited)

torha = daughter (Lhaesine pronunciation = TOHR-uh) (noun) (some things Google found for "torha": an uncommon to rare term; a misspelling or alternate spelling of "torah" which means "doctrine, teaching" in Hebrew (transliterated) and is the most important document in Judaism; user names; Ti-n-Torha caves of Tadrart Acacus area in Libya are archaeological sites; gaming character name; a last name)

My previous word for "daughter" was "torhan". This is a minor change, but it represents some rethinking. Although I hadn't planned to use grammatical gender in Lhaesine, I've tended to use the "a" ending for many feminine nouns. I studied Spanish in school, so I think that I unconsciously copied this from Spanish. (But, note, I have no words ending in "o", which is the Spanish masculine noun ending.)

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