01 October 2007

chair is rahan (revisited)

rahan = chair (Lhaesine pronunciation = RAH-hahn) (noun) (some things Google found for "rahan": a common term; Rahan is a blond, loincloth-clad caveman character in a French comic series of the same name; Rahan is a parrish in County Offaly Ireland that has a complex of ancient church ruins; Rahan Lodge Country Retreat B&B, dating from 1740, in Ireland; Rahan Guitars; Rahan Meristem is an Israeli Biotechnology company; Rahan Garmnets of Bangladesh; user names; place in Iran "Sar Takht-e Do Rahan"; means "coin" in Finnish; means "mercy" in Indonesian; means "pawn" in Maltese)

My previous Lhaesine word for chair was "nahar". For this new word, I swapped two letters around. This is my third attempt at a word for "chair", hopefully this one will stick.

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