23 June 2007

sigil is cwed (revisited)

cwed = sigil (Lhaesine pronunciation = KWED) (some things Google found for "cwed": an uncommon term: CWED stands for Central Wholesale Electrical Distributors Inc.; CWED stands for Center for Women the Earth and the Divine; CWED stands for Center for Workforce and Economic Development; CWED stands for Community Workshop on Economic Development in Chicago; CWED stands for Contrast Weighted Edge Density; CWED stands for Correlation-based Watermarking Error Diffusion; similar word "cwede" means "a saying" in Anglo-Saxon)

A sigil can be a seal stamp or signature mark. It also can be a non-alphabetic symbol for a specific magical purpose, which can be part of a glyph.

My previous word for "sigil" was "qwed". I've decided to not use the letter "Q" in Lhaesine after all.


celsy said...

Your new word looks vaguely Welsh I think

Mariska said...

Welsh does use the "cw" letter combination, but it appears that they pronounce it differently than I have in Lhaesine. In Welsh "w" is treated as a vowel. Using my Lhaesine spelling, the English word "quit" would be spelled "cwit".