01 April 2007

Lhaesine marks one year and seven months

The Lhaesine Dictionary Project began in September 2005, soon after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I'm not sure of the exact number of words I've created so far, since I frequently go back and change words, but I'd estimate there currently slightly over 400 words in Lhaesine.

I had been posting words to Lhaesine blog every other day, which was becoming a difficult to maintain pace. I've decided to cut down on the frequency of postings to half that, every four days. This comes out to be about 7 posted words month. Hopefully this will free up some time so I get various other things done. Perhaps I might even finalize some decisions on the handling of Lhaesine verbs!

As a sidenote: I also work another conlang which is called Miresua. It's a smaller project, with different rules, which is not in any way related to Lhaesine. Miresua has always been on less frequent schedule. Miresua is a Basque / Finnish conlang. To English speakers, Miresua probably looks more foreign than Lhaesine.

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