11 February 2007

wide is bras

bras = wide (Lhaesine pronunciation = BRAHS, like English word "brass")(adjective) (some things Google found for "bras": an extremely common term; In English bras are women's lingerie or undergarments - an overwhelming result; a last name; The Battle of Quatre Bras was fought between the Anglo-Dutch and the French armies on 16 June 1815; in automotive accessories there are car bras; means "big" in Breton; means "arm, arms, boom, brace" in French; means "vehement, rash, active, quick, keen, impetuous" in Gaelic; means "brace" in Polish; means "quick" in Scottish; means "heat" in Sindarin; means "brass" in Tagalog; means "fat" in Welsh; places in France, Belgium, Serbia and Montenegro, Russian Federation, and Brazil)

I've been avoiding creating Lhaesine words that were words in English, never mind that they had differing meanings and possibly different pronunciations. In hindsight, this was unrealistic of me and too limiting linguistically.

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