21 February 2007

leaf is rorn (redefined)

rorn = leaf (Lhaesine pronunciation = ROHRN) (noun) (some things Google found for "rorn": a musical artist; Rorn the Wanderer in fantasy campaign world Habisfern; in Thai Food "Yum Mu Rorn" is "Spicy Dried Pork"; RORN is a weather station; "Ka Rorn" is an island village in Southern Thailand; "Rorn M'doi" is a place in Wheel of Time fantasy series; user names; a last name that can be German or Cambodian; RORN is the model name of a 1923 radio; a first name that can be Malaysian; means "destruction, devastation, war" in TSR's AD&D Dwarven language)

Previously, for a short time, "rorn" was the word for "iron". I thought it looked too close to "iron".

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