01 May 2015

him is nea

nea = him (Lhaesine pronunciation = NEE) (pronoun) (personal object pronoun) (some things Google found for "nea": a very common term; NEA is an acronym for National Education Association; NEA stands for New Enterprise Associates which is a venture capital firm; NEA is an acronym for National Endowment for the Arts; Ta Nea is a daily newspaper published in Athens, Greece; Pizza Nea (Neapolitan) in Minneapolis; NEA stands for Near Earth Asteroid; in Singapore NEA stands for National Environment Agency; an unusual to uncommon usually feminine first name; an unusual last name; means negative in Esperanto; infected plural forms of neon (chemical element) in Latin; means snow in Romanian; the first word of the name of many places in Greece (transliterated form of new); name of places in Australia and the Solomon Islands)

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