29 January 2012

person is hend

hend = person (Lhaesine pronunciation = HEHND) (noun) (some things Google found for "hend": a common term; a last name, notably Australian golfer Scott Hend; an uncommon feminine first name, notably Hind Rostom who was an Egyptian actress and Tunisian actress Hend Sabri; in obsolete English means "to take hold of, to grasp, hold"; Hend Khaleh is the name of places in Iran; Feriz Hend is a place in Iran)

25 January 2012

yet is pote

pote = yet (Lhaesine pronunciation = POHT) (adverb) (some things Google found for "pote": a common term; a last name; user names; El Pote Español is a Spanish restaurant in NYC; means "paw" in Danish; means "buddy" in French; conjugations of the verb meaning "to be able to" in Interlingua; means "pot" in Portuguese; means "jar" in Spanish; similar Poté is a city in Brazil; name of places in Burma and South Africa; Pote-Pote is a place in Mozambique)

21 January 2012

you (plural) is gedur

gedur = you (plural) (Lhaesine pronunciation = GEH-duhr) (pronoun) (some things Google found for "gedur": an uncommon term; in EVE online a constellation in the Metropolis region; GEDUR Production does theatrical shows in Bratislava, Slovakia; an unusual first name; a name in the Ge'ez language of Ethiopia; stream of Nahal Gedur in Judea; a rare last name)

17 January 2012

you (singular) is ged (revisited)

ged = you (singular) (Lhaesine pronunciation = GEHD) (pronoun) (some things Google found for "ged": a very very common term; GED (acronym of General Education Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma or Graduate Equivalency Degree) is a substitute for a high school diploma; GED is an acronym for General Educational Development, the tests to get a GED; an uncommon last name; Ged is a diminutive of the masculine first name Gerard; in Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea series Ged is the true name of the Wizard also known as Sparrowhawk; name in heraldry for the fish known as a pike; name of a place in southern Louisiana)

My previous Lhaesine word for "you (singular)" was "gen". I decided to change the last letter of this word to D because a number of third-person pronouns contain an N.

13 January 2012

all is tude

tude = all (Lhaesine pronunciation = TOOD) (adverb, adjective, pronoun) (some things Google found for "tude": a very common term; 'tude is US slang for attitude, especially one of arrogance or hostility; Tude Macleod is a male character in Rusty Hearts game; Tuomas "Tude" Lehtonen is the drummer of Finnish folk metal band Turisas; an unusual last name; means "howl, yowl" in Danish; Rochers de la Tude is a mountain in France)

09 January 2012

they is unur

unur = they (Lhaesine pronunciation = UH-nur) (pronoun) (some things Google found for "unur": an uncommon term; an unusual last name that can be Turkish and can be Mongolian; UNUR is a US "minimal dystopian post-something" music act; Mu'in ad-Din Unur was a ruler (Emir) of Damascus in the mid-12th century; name of places in Russia and Turkey (aka Ünür); Nizhniy Unur is the name of a place in Russia)

05 January 2012

it is un (animate)

un = it (animate) (he/she) (Lhaesine pronunciation = UHN) (pronoun) (some things Google found for "un": a very very common term; UN usually refers to the United Nations; "un-" is an English prefix meaning "not"; North Korea's Kim Jong Un; a last name; means article "a/an" and cardinal number "one" in French, Italian and Interlingua; means "a/an" in Breton and Romanian; means "and" in Latvian; means "flour" in Turkish; name of places in India and Cambodia)

01 January 2012

nothing is lunt (revisited)

lunt = nothing (Lhaesine pronunciation = LUHNT) (pronoun) (some things Google found for "lunt": a very common term; a last name; Lunt Solar Systems sells solar telescopes and filters; Lunt Silversmiths is an American manufacturer of sterling and stainless flatware; Lunt-Fontanne Theatre is a NYC Broadway theatre; Lunt Roman Fort is the archaeological site in Warwickshire, England; a slow-burning match or torch; name of a village in Merseyside, England; name of a place in Alexandria County, Virginia)

Those of you who follow this blog may have noticed that I'm redefining this word which I posted earlier today.

My previous word for "nothing" was "mina".